Patio & Terrace


Al Fresco Dining Furnished Electric Canopy


View the scenes above. With the villa offering both a south facing patio, and a west facing terrace, you can follow the sun for al-fresco dining, or find a little shade for an afternoon cuppa! The ocean-facing terrace, that runs off the open plan living space, also features an electrically controlled canopy that winds out to provide a little extra shade if needed. Both outdoor spaces are surrounded by the lovely Eastry Garden and furnished with a collection of chairs and tables perfect for your dining/relaxing needs. You really will spend most of your time here!


Ocean View Terrace

Looking out to sea across Mullins Bay, the west facing terrace is the perfect place to dine, morning, noon, and night. You can watch the small boats and cruise liners sail past on their various journeys, or enjoy a "Sun-Downer" as the great fireball drops into the sea. The locals will tell you to look out for the green flash!

South Patio

Surrounded by the green of Eastry Garden the south patio is the perfect spot to avoid the hot afternoon sun and relax in the shade.Look out for the humming birds sucking the nectar in the shrubs in the border, or sometimes you may see the green monkey families making their way quietly through the trees opposite in Mullins Mill garden.

Al-Fresco Dining

The terrace is furnished with a patio table and chairs perfect for outdoor entertaining. Loungers and recliners are also available. Just make yourself at home!

Automatic Canopy

The West facing terrace includes an electric canopy that, at the push of a button, can swing into action to provide a little extra shade.


Our stay was amazing. Just perfect. Already planning our next trip back!
Amy Johnson
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