Pool and Gardens


Pool Deck Landscaped Gardens


Look at the pictures above. Surrounding the seven villas that make up Eastry Garden are beautifully landscaped grounds with a wide assortment of vegetation adding colour and scent to the surroundings. Enjoy the soft wafting jasmine aroma as you sit on the West Terrace or marvel at the timid, local monkeys picking fruit from the surrounding trees, or just listen to the various bird songs. Wander down to the front of the garden overlooking the ridge and marvel at the panoramic view of the ocean or look down from the pool railings into the fascinating, natural gulley below. The well kept and pristine pool sits at the heart of the garden, right outside Palm Tree Villa. Its heated by the sun and is warm enough to use all year round. Just 15 paces from the front door you can mount the steps to the pool deck to relax in a lounger or slip into the water for a cool refreshing swim. This is what life in Barbados is all about. You won't want to leave!


The Pool

Beautifully maintained, chlorinated pool with sun deck. Loungers and beach umbrellas are available in the villa.


A huge variety of vibrant plants, trees and shrubs that attract local wildlife including visiting monkeys.

Car Park

A good size, private, car park sits at the entrance to Eastry Garden just inside the drive.

Pool Shower

Rinse off before or after you swim at the handy Pool shower right next to the pool access steps.

The Gulley

A natural gulley forged between the coral cliffs stretched from behind the pool down to the lower garden.


Our stay was amazing. Just perfect. Already planning our next trip back!
Amy Johnson
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